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More vet tech humor!

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this picture and caption killed me!! lmao



Full time vet tech & lovin it ♥


I started this job about two years ago and before that I worked at the Monmouth County SPCA as a kennel attendant. This job is my heart and soul and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My first day at the new hospital was rough and I felt like the other techs were running circles around me. My hospital is a small animal practice with some exotics. I didn’t exactly know what I was getting myself into when I applied for this job but I knew I needed a change and this felt right. I also love putting on my scrubs in the morning 🙂 After over 20 scratch marks and head butts I finally got the hang of restraining and how to comfort clients patients at the hospital. I started to get to know the “regulars” and how the doctors liked things to be done. I also saw a new side of animal care that I wasn’t used to.

At the Monmouth County SPCA i was designated to clean up after the dogs at the shelter. I started to create a bond with most of the dogs that I fed, cleaned, bathed and took for walks. I have only had one dog in my life and after that my parents moved to an apartment complex that allowed no pets. These shelter dogs were my pets and I treated them as my own. I went from being loved by those dogs and looked at as their caretaker to joining veterinarian medicine and them being afraid and cautious of me. I found myself at times upset that some of the dogs wouldn’t approach me or the cats would want to eat my hand off if I looked at them the wrong way lol, but after working there for a few months I understood this is the job and I can’t take this personal.

After learning that lesson my job started to get easier and I was able to navigate through my day without much help. I was able to restrain easier, educate clients with ease and provide the best medical care I could as a veterinarian technician. 7fb75148fe38c818b560dd3dafddd0f2.jpg