Home is where the heart is.

I left my job at VCA to go to a private practice. I thought maybe I needed a change and to experience what it is like. After I said goodbye to everyone at Shrewsbury I started my job at that practice, I was only there for about 5 days. I did not agree with the way they practiced medicine. Not everything was bad there, the hours weren’t that long and I wasn’t in the rooms taking histories anymore. I thought I would enjoy that, not having to interact so much with the public. I also noticed the technicians had a lot of down time which I am not used to. Also the technicians rarely saw the schedule for the day so you never knew what you were walking into. I did not enjoy the vibe there from the staff. They had plenty of drama between the techs and the receptionist were kind of their own unit. At Shrewsbury the atmosphere there is a warm feeling, I feel at home there. I don’t usually hate going to my job everyday because the chemistry of the staff is fantastic. We are all about hard work and having fun at the same time, keeping it light.

Second day on the job there I was put into surgery. They have a sweet hospital cat that has free roam of all the hospital. During the procedure I saw the cat enter the surgery suit. I looked at the vet and said “is he allowed in here?” The vet looked up from her procedure and said “oh that’s Stevie he’s allowed anywhere.” I looked back at the cat to locate where he was and just said okay and continued to monitor the patient. Suddenly in the middle of extracting a tooth the cat leaped up onto the surgery table where the patient was laying anesthetized. I shooed the cat away and looked at the vet for some type of reaction and the vet didn’t seem to care. I thought to myself that this isn’t the type of medicine I want to identify myself with.

After that day i continued to work the next 3 days with a good attitude and decided that this wasn’t going to work out for me. Time to get my job back at Shrewsbury. After the fifth day I told the manager I will no longer be working with them and luckily Shrewsbury hired me back instantly. Everyone was happy to have me back and I was relieved to be back.


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