My new additions!

Recently I have acquired three rats from a friend. She did not have enough time in her day to spend with them so now I am the new mommy of three rats. I’ve never had rats before so this is all new to me! They are all females and their names are Ellie, Stevie and bean. This is Ellie she is super curious and adventurous. The second night I had them she found a way out of the cage and escaped. Ten minutes later I found her in my hamper lol!

That is Ellie and bean! Bean is shy but will come up to me and want to be pet and loved. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of Stevie. Stevie is blind and neurologic. Her head moves back and forth and because she is blind she bites. I wouldn’t consider her biting as aggression, she seems to keep nibbling on me to figure me out. She’s still unsure and she won’t sit still long enough for me to get a picture of her. Once she gets used to me I’ll be sure to post a picture of her. I love my new additions and I think I’m slowly becoming a crazy rat lady hahah!

Ellie on the top left and Stevie on the bottom right.

Stevie that you see in the picture above has really slowed down compared to her sisters. One day I noticed that she wasn’t walking well and her front feet were knuckling over. She was also having a hard time navigating through the cage and holding onto her food. I started to cater to her more often and I had to hand feed her for about three days. I gave her some baytril that the vet prescribed and noticed it wasn’t really helping. I fed her some scrambled eggs for three days straight every morning and it seemed to give her a little pep in her step.

One night my boyfriend made a good point. We had Stevie out on the bed with us, we were just observing how she was acting now since she became this way in a matter of two days. Stevie used to be a rat that was quick and very spunky. My boyfriend looked at her puzzled and said ” maybe she is dehydrated?” I looked at him and tried to syringe feed Stevie water, Stevie seemed uninterested in the water and wondered off. I started to do some research on google. As a vet tech I usually tell people to not use “dr. google.” Their are various answers you receive from google that could be misleading, but as a concerned rat mom I had to see what would come up. As I started doing research I kept coming across pituitary tumor as a diagnosis.

The next day I told my vet Stevie’s symptoms and he agreed it could very well be a pituitary tumor. As I let the news sink in I went home and told my boyfriend and I knew her time was limited now more than ever.

From the middle of April till now I noticed another change in Stevie, but this time it was a good change. Stevie has been a little more energetic and getting around better in her cage. She seems to have good and bad days. Stevie has also become more attached to me and seems to want to curl up with me more often. In the end Stevie is still eating, drinking and going to the bathroom normally and is still greeting me at the cage.


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