I bet we have all experienced this…

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So its been a while since I have posted anything new, but my job at the hospital lately has been one hell of a ride. Our hospital has been going through so many changes, between getting a new hospital manager, a new tech supervisor and training new technicians my brain has been all over the place. Today I want to talk about a personal experience I had.

Recently one of our very good clients had to put their dog to sleep. This as all of you know is emotionally and mentally draining. From the time our clients introduce us to their new additions to the family we as technicians and veterinarians know that at some point we will have to guide them to make that difficult decision of euthanasia. Our client had a beautiful boxer that was diagnosed with cancer. We did all we could to keep the dog comfortable and keep the owners in good spirits.

The next couple of days we didn’t hear from the owners which of course is great news. Unfortunately a week later the owner came in stating they think “its time”. Later on in the day the owner came in with the dog already sobbing. The man was by himself with the dog and asked if me and my other tech and the veterinarian could stay with him when we put the dog to sleep. After placing an IV catheter we walked the dog into the room and sat with the owner for the whole euthanasia.

The man was extremely grateful that we stayed with him and thanked us up and down and told us how great we all are and couldn’t have done that without us. As a vet tech for only two years I am still learning and I usually don’t cry in front of the owners because I want to remain strong for them since they look at us technicians for support. That day I couldn’t hold back I cried alongside the owner. I knew that dog for a good portion of his life and saw him slowly decline. I try to keep my emotions in check in front of the owners and if I need to cry I usually wait till I am alone. I hope all of our clients know that even if we don’t show emotion in the rooms every time we are either expressing it away from them or taking it home with us. I personally take a lot of that emotion home with me. I know what you are all saying ” you shouldn’t take work home with you”, but I do. After that experience I know longer feel I have to hold back my tears. In this field everyone is like family and we all work together to keep our furry friends happy and healthy and that includes our clients. We build strong relations with some of them and personally their pets become one of our own.


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