Fun at the hospital!



This was our gecko sully he just passed away yesterday. An owner brought him in when he was very sick and could no longer take care of him. Our hospital manager went out and bought him his own tank and set up and we all worked together to get him back in good health. The poor guy wasn’t eating on his own and was having a hard time getting around. At least for a few weeks he was in a good home and was given a fighting chance.


Now I truly understand why dogs and cats react the way they do with the cone on lmao!!!!


I really enjoy recovering patients from surgery. I love being able to cuddle them and give them the best post operative care!


I think we loved him more then he loved us that day lmao!!


Laser treatment is fairly new to our practice and I have seen some amazing results!


Puppies and kittens are the best part of the job! Look at that face!!


This is our hospital kitty her name is Stoli. An owner came in wanting to euthanize Stoli for urinating all over the house. After the vet did a full exam on Stoli she told the owner she would not euthanize for that and that it is very treatable. The owner did not want to treat Stoli she just wanted her to be put to sleep. After about 10 minutes of the vet being in the room with the owner she came back in with Stoli. “We are keeping her” said the vet! I was relieved and excited for Stoli to join us. After giving her a work up we found out Stoli has a vestibular head tilt and a heart condition. Stoli is considered “my child” at the hospital. I take care of Stoli I bathe her when she makes a mess of herself, cut her nails, brush her, feed her change her litter pan and give her so much love and attention. Unfortunately I cannot take her home with me since I already have two cats that don’t get along too well. Stoli loves dogs, cats, exotics and kids. Ultimately Stoli wouldn’t hurt a fly and I love her dearly.


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