Frustrations at the work place

At the vet office veterinarians, vet techs and csr’s love our clients who come to the hospital with their furry little friends. Sometimes as employees we get frustrated with them. I am not a csr but I will answer the phones to help out the front desk when it gets busy. I have had clients ask me this same type of question before.



This picture totally expresses a frustration between the vets and the vet techs. Clients will tell me things like this all the time when I put them into rooms.

For me as a vet tech I go through this a lot. Clients will tell me one thing and then when the vet enters the room its a totally different story. I will also ask clients if they have given their dogs or cats anything over the counter. When the clients answer no to me and the vet goes into the room they suddenly remember they gave their dog 3 advil. and thats the face I have at that point lol!



8 Replies to “Frustrations at the work place”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Mom and I can tell already we will enjoy your stories. In another life…what, Mom, it was long enough ago and I wasn’t around yet, so it had to be another life… Mom worked at a vet’s for 5 years. Yep.

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      1. I would like to get an email when you publish a new post in your blog, like you will get when Lexi/I publish a new post, since you signed up to follow Lexitheschnauzer. I don’t see on your site where to do that.


      2. Yes! It worked. Thanks. I don’t know if you have been reading my blog. Lexi left to be with her Creator in September. We now have a bullie mix I rescued, that we named Lucy. She’s about a year old and a real sweetheart. Hopefully, sometime in the next year, a little schnauzer will come our way.

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