Farm Life

On top of being a vet tech I also volunteer on a farm.The farm is literally 3 minutes from my house and they have chickens and goats. This is a totally new experience for me. I have only volunteered on a farm when I was little but now I am able to help out with the animals and the medical care. The goats are my favorite and they also have four pregnant goats that will be giving birth soon. I am so excited for this because once they are born I will be able to bottle feed them!

Farm animals are totally different from dogs and cats that come into the hospital. I’m starting to learn their personalities and how to interact with them. Some of the goats are friendly and come right up to you but some run away. Most of the goats at this farm are related in some way. They are either mothers, daughters, sons or cousins.

The second picture is of me milking a goat. That goat is named marshmallow and she is the only one right now giving us milk. The first time I milked a goat I wasn’t sure if I would get the hang of it. I heard milking can be hard and you sometimes wont be able to do it on your first try.Well I got it on my first try!! I was able to milk her myself and got about 1 cup from her. Some of the challenges of milking a goat is if they don’t enjoy it they will try to kick you. This goat kept taking her hoof and kicking my hand away from milking her. You can’t get discouraged I was told, you just need to keep a good grip of her teet and milk away lol! image1.JPG

This is one of the chickens.Shes an old lady. While I was putting shavings down in the coop for them she kept jumping in here and creating herself a little nest 🙂


So my days at the farm have been limited due to my work schedule. This day was quite a day for me. I was helping restrain goats for hoof trims. I restrain dogs and cats everyday for nail trims but man are these goats strong! Not to mention I almost got kicked in the head a few times with one of their hooves.



These two are babies at the farm. When they were first born they were the loudest sweetest little things I have seen. Now they are growing up to be big healthy adult goats!



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