Cattitude 😻

When I moved to my new house last year in March I acquired a beautiful pregnant orange tabby. She was a stray and it was really cold and bitter outside, it was actually right after a major snow storm. I am not allowed to have a dog in the home that I rent, so I decided she would be my cat and let her have the kittens in my house. I named her Althea

While I was still working at the other hospital I got an x ray done to see how many kittens she would be having and this is what we found

Althea was having 8 kittens!! Try explaining that to a boyfriend who was told she isn’t pregnant shes just round 😂 I thought my boyfriend would be nervous about having 8 kittens in the house but it all turned out well and on June 11 2018 she had all 8 but one passed shortly after.

This was an experience for me, she nursed them all and was a fantastic mother.

The whole process was amazing. Here are more photos as the kittens got older.

I got all the babies a home and kept one as well. I never had a kitten before and I have never been more in love

My boyfriend has named her Adina and shes the most rambunctious, sassy and fearless little kitty I have ever met. The bond between althea and adina is truly so sweet.

These two cats are my babies and I love them so much! My house would not be complete without them. If you have a cat send me pictures in the comments I would love to see your fur babies.

New hospital, new start!

Samantha here reporting from a new hospital and a fresh new start. My time at Shrewsbury had to come to an end sooner or later. I felt I needed to really expand my horizons and learn more about exotics. Currently I work at a hospital that is a five doctor practice. One of the doctors sees exotics and I’ve assisted in surgeries and treatments on these little guys. Here are some photos!

The hospital also will see plenty of stray animals that the board of health brings in. I have had the opportunity to nurse some injured birds back to health and see them released back into the wild. I enjoy seeing the exotics come in because the variety is nice instead of just dogs and cats all day.

Overall this has been a great change for me I am in surgery more and totally feel more confident in my skills in the surgical suit! A while back we had a chihuahua come in for a emergency c section and I had the honor to bring these sweet little babies into the world. When the pups came straight out I was able to open the sac and rub the babies till we heard their little cries. Here are some photos

I have never stood in on a c section and I have always wanted to be a part of this. In the end my choice to change hospitals was a success! ✌🏻😁

Home is where the heart is.

I left my job at VCA to go to a private practice. I thought maybe I needed a change and to experience what it is like. After I said goodbye to everyone at Shrewsbury I started my job at that practice, I was only there for about 5 days. I did not agree with the way they practiced medicine. Not everything was bad there, the hours weren’t that long and I wasn’t in the rooms taking histories anymore. I thought I would enjoy that, not having to interact so much with the public. I also noticed the technicians had a lot of down time which I am not used to. Also the technicians rarely saw the schedule for the day so you never knew what you were walking into. I did not enjoy the vibe there from the staff. They had plenty of drama between the techs and the receptionist were kind of their own unit. At Shrewsbury the atmosphere there is a warm feeling, I feel at home there. I don’t usually hate going to my job everyday because the chemistry of the staff is fantastic. We are all about hard work and having fun at the same time, keeping it light.

Second day on the job there I was put into surgery. They have a sweet hospital cat that has free roam of all the hospital. During the procedure I saw the cat enter the surgery suit. I looked at the vet and said “is he allowed in here?” The vet looked up from her procedure and said “oh that’s Stevie he’s allowed anywhere.” I looked back at the cat to locate where he was and just said okay and continued to monitor the patient. Suddenly in the middle of extracting a tooth the cat leaped up onto the surgery table where the patient was laying anesthetized. I shooed the cat away and looked at the vet for some type of reaction and the vet didn’t seem to care. I thought to myself that this isn’t the type of medicine I want to identify myself with.

After that day i continued to work the next 3 days with a good attitude and decided that this wasn’t going to work out for me. Time to get my job back at Shrewsbury. After the fifth day I told the manager I will no longer be working with them and luckily Shrewsbury hired me back instantly. Everyone was happy to have me back and I was relieved to be back.

My new additions!

Recently I have acquired three rats from a friend. She did not have enough time in her day to spend with them so now I am the new mommy of three rats. I’ve never had rats before so this is all new to me! They are all females and their names are Ellie, Stevie and bean. This is Ellie she is super curious and adventurous. The second night I had them she found a way out of the cage and escaped. Ten minutes later I found her in my hamper lol!

That is Ellie and bean! Bean is shy but will come up to me and want to be pet and loved. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of Stevie. Stevie is blind and neurologic. Her head moves back and forth and because she is blind she bites. I wouldn’t consider her biting as aggression, she seems to keep nibbling on me to figure me out. She’s still unsure and she won’t sit still long enough for me to get a picture of her. Once she gets used to me I’ll be sure to post a picture of her. I love my new additions and I think I’m slowly becoming a crazy rat lady hahah!

Ellie on the top left and Stevie on the bottom right.

Stevie that you see in the picture above has really slowed down compared to her sisters. One day I noticed that she wasn’t walking well and her front feet were knuckling over. She was also having a hard time navigating through the cage and holding onto her food. I started to cater to her more often and I had to hand feed her for about three days. I gave her some baytril that the vet prescribed and noticed it wasn’t really helping. I fed her some scrambled eggs for three days straight every morning and it seemed to give her a little pep in her step.

One night my boyfriend made a good point. We had Stevie out on the bed with us, we were just observing how she was acting now since she became this way in a matter of two days. Stevie used to be a rat that was quick and very spunky. My boyfriend looked at her puzzled and said ” maybe she is dehydrated?” I looked at him and tried to syringe feed Stevie water, Stevie seemed uninterested in the water and wondered off. I started to do some research on google. As a vet tech I usually tell people to not use “dr. google.” Their are various answers you receive from google that could be misleading, but as a concerned rat mom I had to see what would come up. As I started doing research I kept coming across pituitary tumor as a diagnosis.

The next day I told my vet Stevie’s symptoms and he agreed it could very well be a pituitary tumor. As I let the news sink in I went home and told my boyfriend and I knew her time was limited now more than ever.

From the middle of April till now I noticed another change in Stevie, but this time it was a good change. Stevie has been a little more energetic and getting around better in her cage. She seems to have good and bad days. Stevie has also become more attached to me and seems to want to curl up with me more often. In the end Stevie is still eating, drinking and going to the bathroom normally and is still greeting me at the cage.


At my hospital we don’t see too many exotics but here are some I have been able to encounter.


Yes a beautiful baby racoon!




This little hummingbird was found outside of our hospital in a box!


so cool when snakes come in!



Fun at the hospital!



This was our gecko sully he just passed away yesterday. An owner brought him in when he was very sick and could no longer take care of him. Our hospital manager went out and bought him his own tank and set up and we all worked together to get him back in good health. The poor guy wasn’t eating on his own and was having a hard time getting around. At least for a few weeks he was in a good home and was given a fighting chance.


Now I truly understand why dogs and cats react the way they do with the cone on lmao!!!!


I really enjoy recovering patients from surgery. I love being able to cuddle them and give them the best post operative care!


I think we loved him more then he loved us that day lmao!!


Laser treatment is fairly new to our practice and I have seen some amazing results!


Puppies and kittens are the best part of the job! Look at that face!!


This is our hospital kitty her name is Stoli. An owner came in wanting to euthanize Stoli for urinating all over the house. After the vet did a full exam on Stoli she told the owner she would not euthanize for that and that it is very treatable. The owner did not want to treat Stoli she just wanted her to be put to sleep. After about 10 minutes of the vet being in the room with the owner she came back in with Stoli. “We are keeping her” said the vet! I was relieved and excited for Stoli to join us. After giving her a work up we found out Stoli has a vestibular head tilt and a heart condition. Stoli is considered “my child” at the hospital. I take care of Stoli I bathe her when she makes a mess of herself, cut her nails, brush her, feed her change her litter pan and give her so much love and attention. Unfortunately I cannot take her home with me since I already have two cats that don’t get along too well. Stoli loves dogs, cats, exotics and kids. Ultimately Stoli wouldn’t hurt a fly and I love her dearly.

I bet we have all experienced this…

IMG_2632 (1)

So its been a while since I have posted anything new, but my job at the hospital lately has been one hell of a ride. Our hospital has been going through so many changes, between getting a new hospital manager, a new tech supervisor and training new technicians my brain has been all over the place. Today I want to talk about a personal experience I had.

Recently one of our very good clients had to put their dog to sleep. This as all of you know is emotionally and mentally draining. From the time our clients introduce us to their new additions to the family we as technicians and veterinarians know that at some point we will have to guide them to make that difficult decision of euthanasia. Our client had a beautiful boxer that was diagnosed with cancer. We did all we could to keep the dog comfortable and keep the owners in good spirits.

The next couple of days we didn’t hear from the owners which of course is great news. Unfortunately a week later the owner came in stating they think “its time”. Later on in the day the owner came in with the dog already sobbing. The man was by himself with the dog and asked if me and my other tech and the veterinarian could stay with him when we put the dog to sleep. After placing an IV catheter we walked the dog into the room and sat with the owner for the whole euthanasia.

The man was extremely grateful that we stayed with him and thanked us up and down and told us how great we all are and couldn’t have done that without us. As a vet tech for only two years I am still learning and I usually don’t cry in front of the owners because I want to remain strong for them since they look at us technicians for support. That day I couldn’t hold back I cried alongside the owner. I knew that dog for a good portion of his life and saw him slowly decline. I try to keep my emotions in check in front of the owners and if I need to cry I usually wait till I am alone. I hope all of our clients know that even if we don’t show emotion in the rooms every time we are either expressing it away from them or taking it home with us. I personally take a lot of that emotion home with me. I know what you are all saying ” you shouldn’t take work home with you”, but I do. After that experience I know longer feel I have to hold back my tears. In this field everyone is like family and we all work together to keep our furry friends happy and healthy and that includes our clients. We build strong relations with some of them and personally their pets become one of our own.

Frustrations at the work place

At the vet office veterinarians, vet techs and csr’s love our clients who come to the hospital with their furry little friends. Sometimes as employees we get frustrated with them. I am not a csr but I will answer the phones to help out the front desk when it gets busy. I have had clients ask me this same type of question before.



This picture totally expresses a frustration between the vets and the vet techs. Clients will tell me things like this all the time when I put them into rooms.

For me as a vet tech I go through this a lot. Clients will tell me one thing and then when the vet enters the room its a totally different story. I will also ask clients if they have given their dogs or cats anything over the counter. When the clients answer no to me and the vet goes into the room they suddenly remember they gave their dog 3 advil. and thats the face I have at that point lol!


Farm Life

On top of being a vet tech I also volunteer on a farm.The farm is literally 3 minutes from my house and they have chickens and goats. This is a totally new experience for me. I have only volunteered on a farm when I was little but now I am able to help out with the animals and the medical care. The goats are my favorite and they also have four pregnant goats that will be giving birth soon. I am so excited for this because once they are born I will be able to bottle feed them!

Farm animals are totally different from dogs and cats that come into the hospital. I’m starting to learn their personalities and how to interact with them. Some of the goats are friendly and come right up to you but some run away. Most of the goats at this farm are related in some way. They are either mothers, daughters, sons or cousins.

The second picture is of me milking a goat. That goat is named marshmallow and she is the only one right now giving us milk. The first time I milked a goat I wasn’t sure if I would get the hang of it. I heard milking can be hard and you sometimes wont be able to do it on your first try.Well I got it on my first try!! I was able to milk her myself and got about 1 cup from her. Some of the challenges of milking a goat is if they don’t enjoy it they will try to kick you. This goat kept taking her hoof and kicking my hand away from milking her. You can’t get discouraged I was told, you just need to keep a good grip of her teet and milk away lol! image1.JPG

This is one of the chickens.Shes an old lady. While I was putting shavings down in the coop for them she kept jumping in here and creating herself a little nest 🙂


So my days at the farm have been limited due to my work schedule. This day was quite a day for me. I was helping restrain goats for hoof trims. I restrain dogs and cats everyday for nail trims but man are these goats strong! Not to mention I almost got kicked in the head a few times with one of their hooves.



These two are babies at the farm. When they were first born they were the loudest sweetest little things I have seen. Now they are growing up to be big healthy adult goats!